What is it?

Crime Stoppers is a community program geared towards public involvement in the fight against crime. It offers cash rewards, up to $1,000, and anonymity to citizens who furnish information leading to the arrest and indictment of felony crime offenders and to the capture of wanted fugitives. Additional rewards are paid for court testimony if the person is willing to testify and the states attorney feels the testimony is needed.
 How does it Work?  
Most of the information received by Crime Stoppers is via telephone. An easy number, 847-662-2222 was set up for Crime Stoppers. The telephone is manned daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by members of Crime Stoppers. At night and on weekends an automatic answering device is used to record any information people want to leave. If the call is a toll call, people can call Crime Stoppers collect.
When a call is received by Crime Stoppers, it is logged with the date, time, and a brief summary of the caller's information. Callers remain anonymous, with no pressure to reveal their identity, and still collect their rewards.
If a caller's information results in the arrest and indictment of an offender or the apprehension of a fugitive, contact will be made with the caller and arrangements made so that the person can receive their reward in cash and preserve anonymity.

 How Are the Rewards Paid?
A board of prominent citizens oversees the Crime Stoppers Program and approves the rewards to be paid, based on the information presented by Police Coordinators; however, this board does not know who called in the facts, and the code number is the only identifier used.

 How Do You Benefit?
Crime Stoppers is successful in helping the Police solve felony cases and recover stolen merchandise. Several million dollars worth of stolen property has already been recovered from throughout Lake County, Northern Illinois and the Southern portion of Wisconsin.

 Who Funds Crime Stoppers?
Crime Stoppers is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization and is funded primarily by private donations of money, goods or services from members of the public including individuals, corporations, clubs, associations, retailers and other organizations. All contributions are tax-deductible.

 Media Involvement.
In order to publicize the Crime Stoppers program and maintain a high profile in the community, a specific unsolved felony crime is selected each week and submitted to all the newspapers. This Crime of the Week is featured in the newspapers and broadcasted on radio each day. Major Crimes and various Crime Stoppers events are also shown on television. 
The Crime of the Week keeps the public interest in Crime Stoppers at a high level and helps keeping the public interested in the crime, and who possibly did not realize that they were an actual witness to the crime.
Crime Stoppers does not pay for the articles in the newspaper or the TV and radio time. All the articles printed, production expense, and the airtime costs are absorbed by the co - operating media. Crime Stoppers wishes to thank the local newspapers, radio stations and the TV stations for their continued support.

 Does it Work? Yes!
Lake County Crime Stoppers has solved thousands of felony cases and recovered millions of dollars worth of stolen property and illicit narcotics. Thousands of dollars in rewards have been paid to the many callers by Lake County Crime Stoppers, for the information, which has resulted in the arrests and indictments.
All of the communities of Lake County benefit from the efforts of Crime Stoppers. From Antioch to Barrington and from Highland Park to Winthrop Harbor, Crime Stoppers takes information about crime anywhere in Lake County.
Crime Stoppers works with every Law Enforcement Agency in Lake County by forwarding the information to those agencies for investigation.
Lake County Crime Stoppers would like to thank the Mundelein Police Department for providing office space to Crime Stoppers.
Gun Stoppers.
Gun Stoppers is a program established to remove illegal guns in our schools and communities, Gun Stoppers will pay a reward of $100 for information leading to the recovery of an illegal gun in a public place. Through your efforts by assisting Crime Stoppers and your local community policing efforts, we can work together toward building safer communities within Lake County to live, work and visit.
 Crime Stoppers Speakers Bureau:
Lake County Crime Stoppers offers a speakers bureau that will deliver information about Crime Stoppers as well as crime prevention. Call Lake County Crime Stoppers at 847-662-2222.

 Statistical Analysis.
It should be noted that since our inception April 26, 1983, through December 19, 2013, we have cleared more than 10,138 cases, leading to more than 6,385 arrests, and have lead law enforcement officers to the recovery of more than $28,249,605.42 in contraband and stolen property and have paid out more than $947,198.00 in cash rewards.

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