"2016 12th Annual Lake County Law Enforcement Exhibit"

"2015 11th Annual Lake County Law Enforcement Exhibit"

                          "10th Annual 
Law  Enforcement Exhibition" 

During the weekend of September 8th and 9th, 2012, Lake County held its 8th Annual Law Enforcement Exhibition at the Westfield Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills, Illinois.  Lake County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors along with Officer Tips in his own Crime Fighting Squad Car participated once again in the annual event, meeting and talking with alot of the kids and their parents.

Bruce Peters, Lake County Crime Stoppers Police Chaplain gave a special 9/11 Ceremony Prayer to all in attendance.  The ceremony honored those lost ten years ago in the terrorist attacks. 


 At the 2015 Lake County Fair, Bugs Bunny stopped by the Lake County Sheriff & Crime Stoppers Booth to say hi and check things out.        

2014 Crime Stoppers 
                            Photographs from the 2014 Lake County Fair om The 2014 Lake County Fair


Executive Director Andy Anderson, Crime Stopper Mascot, Board Member Doug Eickhoff.
                                                     (Left to Right) 

        Executive Director Andy Anderson, Board Member Doug Eickhoff.
                                                                        (Left to Right) 

      Chairman Gene Childers, Crime Stoppers Mascot, Executive Director Andy Anderson
                                                       (Left to Right ) 

                     PAST EVENTS
Lake County Crime Stoppers and the Lake County Sheriff's Office participated in the Lake County Senior's Day Annual Event held June 9, 2010 at Independence Grove Forest Preserve, Vernon Hills, Illinois.  The event is held every year and the overall attendance is just overwhelming.  



McGruff the National Crime Dog, joins in and supports Officer Tips and Andy Anderson, Executive Director and Police Cordinator of Lake County Crime Stoppers at the 2008 Crime Stoppers International Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, in the overall fight against crime and assisting in the LCCS Community Policing Program and Crime Prevention Program.

2008 Daytona Official Race / February 16, 2008 / Position #24 / Car # 01 / Make Chevrolet / Driven By: Kertus Davis / Sponsored By Lake County Crime Stoppers, Lake County Illinois / Finished in 32nd Place

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